Member Testimonials

From time-to-time, we send our members anonymous feedback forms to check in on how Verte(x) is doing. Here are some words from members about their experiences so far. 





"My group is great and i really feel a commitment from the other girls to sharing our experiences and developing strong relationships."


"I felt everyone was more engaged and involved, and meeting at home created a safe and relaxed zone for people to share about their thoughts.


"I also like having a smaller circle, and I can definitely see myself developing longer-term relationships with the women in my group. I'm really looking forward to the next meeting!



"Closed circles allowed me to meet a bunch of really awesome go-getter women that I don't think I normally would have come across. While in different industries and from different cultures, everyone was all super kind, funny, and openminded. We were able to support one another through life and career happenings and I definitely think I grew form the experience."

"I joined Verte(x) when I was unhappy with my job and looking to move on – and the women I met through Verte(x) was a huge part of me getting to where I am now: happy, motivated, and super pumped about my new gig. Ever single woman I've met through this is unique, but they all share the same qualities of being welcoming, open-minded, and loving."

"I really liked the experience. It's for me to meet new friends everyday so it was really nice to be introduced to a great group of people who all don't know each other."

"It was a very comfortable environment, we ended up talking about everything from professional obstacles to silly life things."

"I wasn't sure how dedicated I would become with the group and I found myself volunteering to lead a closed group after one gathering. It's more therapeutic than networking."





"Members are very interesting, diverse; programming encourages frequent interactions, so you get to know people over time; opportunities that come out of these interactions - I feel like i'm learning so much from my fellow Verte(x)ers."


"I wanted to build real relationships and I was surprised that I was able to. It's so hard to meet people outside work and college friends."

"Verte(x) is... A group of strong, interesting women who get together to make meaningful relationships. Somewhat of a social/networking hybrid, but on a personal level."