Verte(x) Programming


In 2018, we will be providing two main types of programming: Verte(x) Circles and Verte(x) Events. You'll have the opportunity to dig deep with smaller groups while rallying around meaningful causes with the wider community. Whatever kind of growth you're seeking, we got you.




Verte(x) Circles are small groups of 5-6 members that meet up bi-weekly for six gatherings. You’ll engage in discussions and activities. What exactly goes down? Up to you and your circle! You’ll meet the chillest, most badass ladies and develop a support system that grows with you.

The goal of Vert(x) Circles is to facilitate real, intimate connections between individual members. You can participate in more than one circle, but only one at a time. Circles are reassigned every other month.



Verte(x) hosts large community-wide events twice a year, usually around Apr. and Dec. We gather to catch up over great food, drinks, and music. Sometimes we invite family and friends too! This is an awesome opportunity to meet more of the wider community beyond your circle. 

The goal of Verte(x) Events is to allow us to come together and celebrate as a community. We grew to 200+ members in 2017 and you'll have access to our entire directory of awesome women in NYC.