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Verte(x) is

A community of real, driven women who bond and grow together by building strong, offline relationships. We get to know each other in real life. Verte(x) membership is free; instead of money, we ask you to give your time and presence

Member Perks:

Programming Calendar

Exclusive access to all our in person events.

Facebook Group access

Get engaged with the wider community, we're here for you.

Member Directory

Never lose connection with your awesome fellow verte(x)ers.

To become a member, check out our 4 core member values below and fill out a simple application form. Once we ensure you're a good fit, we'll be in touch via email in no more than 10 days. Any questions? Message us at



A Verte(x)er is ...

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1. a woman

We’re not specific to an industry, role, or level of seniority. Members range from fresh graduate to senior-level manager. They work in tech, finance, healthcare, marketing and everything in between. We celebrate diversity in every way. 

2. open, respectful, present & kind

These values guide our conversations, our programming and our vision for the future. They are the force behind the real life dialogue that fuels Verte(x).

3. driven to grow

We are serious about growth — regardless of your background. We are always learning, stretching ourselves, & challenging one another to win and succeed, whatever that means for each of us.

4. a fierce giver

We give because we can; we give our time, our ears, and our experience. We believe that giving begets giving, and that our culture of giving is what makes our 'growing together' possible.


We'd love to have you!