We wanted more than just handshakes. 

In January 2016, Amy wanted to meet other warm-hearted and driven women to bond with and talk about real things — things like goals, growing older & wiser, cat videos, and everything in between. Real women & real conversation — no facade, no ulterior motive, no nonsense.

Turns out, many others felt the same way.

That's how a Lean-In Circle of just eight women gathering for breakfast has grown into a bigger, better, and stronger independent community named Verte(x) [pronounced like the full word, vertex].


Awesome women, no bullshit — and a lot of fun.


Verte(x) is a community of real, driven women who bond and grow together by building strong, offline relationships. We get to know each other in real life. We talk about things that matter to us, big or small. We help each other grow, succeed, kick ass, and have a lot of fun.

We are women from every industry and experience level. We all bring something to the table — humor, style, wisdom, honesty — you name it, we've got it. While we celebrate our diversity, we also embrace what unifies us: our realness, our generosity to give, and our drive to grow and succeed.

(left to right) Maya, Nicole, Kiran, Amy, Shivani, Beth, Alicia

(left to right) Maya, Nicole, Kiran, Amy, Shivani, Beth, Alicia


in case you were wondering

So, why Verte(x)?

In mathematics, a vertex refers to a point where two lines meet but do not cross. 

With Verte(x), you’ll get to meet plenty of engaging, motivated, dedicated women. But instead of having a drink, handing over a business card and never seeing those women again, you can forge a real friendship. You can pick their brains about a field you’ve considered joining. You can ask advice about a challenging situation at work. You can get their perspectives on a new idea. And you can do it again, and again, and again. Instead of paths crossing, instead of meeting and moving on, with Verte(x), your paths connect.


& why just women?

As much as we value men and our male allies, we restrict our membership to women. We set it this way to create a space that allows for unfiltered, uninterrupted, and natural conversations among women about personal and professional lives. That being said, some of our events are open to our male allies, family and friends!